Delegation Request Form


Members of the public or citizen group may submit a Delegation Request to speak at a regular meeting of Council.

Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are livestreamed and recorded.

Delegations take place near the beginning of the meeting and are allowed 15 minutes for their presentation; ten (10) minutes is meant for the presentation and the remaining five (5) minutes is to allow for comments and questions from Council.

It is encouraged to supply sufficient information regarding your delegation for inclusion on the public meeting agenda, including any requests for action on the subject matter. This allows members of Council to have an understanding of the purpose of your delegation.

Any Information contained on this form will be made public through the publication of the agenda. Through submission of a Delegation Request, individauls are agreeing to the release and inclusing of their personal information within the public record. Applicants may request the removal of their personal contact information when submitting this form. The request to remove personal contact information cannot be made after agenda publication. Please note that all meetings occur in an open public forum and are regularly recorded and televised.

Accessibility accommodations are available. Please make your request in advance.

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